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Názor k aktualitě Pražské datové centrum CE Colo mělo výpadek, nešlo napájení od Michal Krsek - Na jednom z for se objevilo nasledujici. Zda...

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  • 18. 11. 2019 16:41

    Michal Krsek

    Na jednom z for se objevilo nasledujici. Zda je to autenticke nevim, nedokazu to potvrdit za zaklade zadnych sdeleni, ktere jsou mimo NDA.

    Management summary:
    UPS A1.1 AC load outage by tripped output breaker. Source of the incident is probably a shortcircuit
    in the distribution, which caused superior power-breaker to disconnect the load, but the
    investigation is still pending. UPS and breaker loads were within the normal limits in the moment
    of this incident and no maintenance was being done.
    Redundant AC power feeds B and DC feeds A+B were not affected and remained operational,
    therefore there was no availability impact.

    Timeline of the incident:
    12:27 alarm raised in our monitoring system, helpdesk operators started investigating
    12:36 problem isolated to UPS output breaker QF2
    12:42 service restoration complete
    12:50+ customer’s breakers one-by-one ON based on our monitoring data and customer
    feedback, possible short-circuit not present anymore
    equipment connected to UPS A1.1AC back operational