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Názor k článku Latinská Amerika chce zákonně podpořit free software od 2f072cae6c706d446027a7bf8d6b2fe7 - Hej, clovece(cloveci), ze vas to bavi... Kdo se v...

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  • 1. 5. 2001 1:01

    2f072cae6c706d446027a7bf8d6b2fe7 (neregistrovaný)
    Hej, clovece(cloveci), ze vas to bavi...
    Kdo se v 23.48 30.4. ucastni flame Win vs Linux, tot opravdovy nadsenec.
    • FYI: For Your Information...
    • flame: a personal verbal attack on another user via a posting (see alt.flame for examples);
    • flamewar: an exchange of flaming articles.

    Nic ve zlym. Kdo v 1.00. na prvniho maje buzeruje ostatni diskutujici citovanim netikety je jeste nadsenejsi nadsenec.

    Net Etiquette ("Net-iquette")

    When using the News Reader, you need to remember that your postings are distributed all over the world and bear your name and the name of your particular institution or organization. Please follow the advice below in writing and posting articles to newsgroups:

    • Do not post materials to harass or offend people, and refrain from using profanity.
    • Do not write when you are angry. People who "flame" in their articles often look ridiculous to themselves and others later.
    • Remember that someone can keep a copy of what you write, even though the News Reader itself does not save it. Write only what you would care to see in print or have archived.
    • Keep your postings relevant to the newsgroups' topics. Do not digress or stray too far from the purpose, intent, and focus of the discussion.
    • Keep postings direct, to the point, and as short as possible, and make sure you have something worthwhile to say. It's difficult to read long documents online, so don't post excessively or dominate a newsgroup with sheer volume.
    • Avoid excessive cross-posting (sending the same article to multiple groups). Many systems will save a copy of the article in both places, and thus users may find themselves downloading the same article twice.
    • Do not forge another user's name on a posting or violate copyright law (or any law) in your postings.
    • When posting a response to another person's article, it is advisable to clearly indicate or include the relevant part of the other's text so that readers can tell what you are responding to. However, be sure to delete irrelevant text from articles to avoid lengthy postings.

    (za svoje prispevky do flames se alespon stydim, a proto je nepodepisuju. kdo si da zalezet, stejne me pozna)