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  • 24. 2. 2011 12:21


    No zda se, ze to neni dokonce ani jednorazovka....

    "While the LU-30 is cheaper than a news van, it’s still expensive enough to merit a major investment for an internet news channel. According to the New Jersey office, a 1 Mbps uplink (internet video quality) will cost around $1500 a month with a mandatory one year contract ($18k total). 2 Mbps (broadcast TV quality) costs around $2500 a month ($30k/year). For those prices you get a LU-30 transmitter and 30 hours of connectivity per month. Additional use costs $3/min though there are package deals if you buy ahead of time (a total of 50 hours at 2 Mbps is around $3k per month). A receiver (basically a PC server) can be purchased for a one time price of around $1000." Zdroj: http://singularityhub.com/2010/02/08/liveu-puts-the-power-of-a-news-van-in-your-backpack-video/