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America One Television Network chooses U-Turn Media Group to go mobile

[Tisková zpráva] Independent sports and entertainment network America One will use U-Turn Media Group Technology to launch a new video on demand service aimed at mobile phone users across the USA


Prague, Czech Republic, 19th April, 2007: America One, an independent full-service syndication and distribution television network and part of the USFR Media Group, announces today that it will use U-Turn Media Group’s technology to launch an exciting new interactive mobile portal. The portal will be accessible to consumers across The United States and will feature video clips from America One’s extensive library.

The America One portal is compatible with all popular phone models and will be available to viewers regardless of the wireless operator they use. The portal will contain streamed and downloadable video content and other items such as ringtones, wallpapers and games. An interactive feedback section is also available to give users the ability to send comments about the service directly through their mobile phone.

The initial launch of the portal features cartoon clips aimed at providing mothers with a useful and entertaining distraction for their children during times when a well earned rest is needed. In addition a library of golf tip videos is available for those who want to improve their game while on the move.

There are no plans to charge consumers directly for the service, although as user numbers grow advertising within the portal will be introduced in the form of banner ads and short pre-play video announcements. The long term strategy will be to deliver targeted advertising to consumers based on their location, age and preferences.

“We want to reach out to our audience and provide entertaining programmes direct to the mobile screen”, said Preston Bornman, Executive Vice President at America One. “More and more of our viewers are watching video and TV on their mobile phones, and our advertisers want to harness the power of this anywhere anytime device. America One is committed to embracing this new mobile video phenomenon and I look forward to the future as we work with U-Turn to fulfil this commitment to our viewers.”

The service will be heavily advertised on the America One network and will urge viewers to gain unlimited access to the service on their phone through a painless sign-up page on the America One website. After sign-up the viewer will receive an SMS message that automatically configures their phone and initiates access to the portal.

“U-Turn’s seamless technology enables broadcasters to deploy profitable rich media mobile services to the maximum number of consumers”, said Jim Walz, President of U-Turn, North America. “We are delighted that America One has recognised our ability to deliver a compelling, user friendly mobile service that their viewers can enjoy no matter where they are.”

This latest deployment supports U-Turn’s global strategy to provide broadcasters with an off-deck solution that allows connectivity with consumers independently of the wireless carriers. The partnership with America One follows on from earlier agreements between U-Turn and a number of other TV stations, such as TV Nova in the Czech Republic, ZeeTV in India and WISC, WKMG and FOX 23 in The United States.