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New job and HR portal www.Spravnykrok.cz launched

[Tisková zpráva] Prague, CR, September 9, 2008 – Atobo launched its new job and HR portal www.Spravnykrok.cz. As the only job and HR portal in the Czech Republic, it offers businesses free registration and job openings posting with fees incurred only upon actual response from an applicant. As opposed to existing sites with no-guarantee flat fees, companies and organizations pay only for relevant contact with selected applicant. The new portal site currently offers about 40,000 job openings across the CR.


Executive Director of the project Ratibor Líbal commented on the portal's launch: „The situation on Czech electronic job market reached a relatively alarming state. Efficiency is dropping while fees have grown and the existing portals haven't offered anything new to the businesses nor applicants, citing bad general job market conditions. After consultations with dozens experts we have decided to build a portal to stir the still waters of HR services in the Czech Republic.“

Ratibor Líbal added: „We didn't want to create just a competition to existing portals. Spravnykrok.cz is primarily a portal for job applicants and our vision is to enable them to find their dream job. Hence a system easily accessible for smaller businesses to promote much broader and more diverse offer of job openings. Hence numerous other tools and applications to support the applicants in various stages of job looking. We've only just began and we plan further tools and enhancements for the future.“

In addition to the new business model, the portal offers its users and clients a range of other applications and services including the ability to perform geographic job searches in a Google-inspired map, relevancy-ordered search results, DREEMnet reference and linking system similar to social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook, the capability to assess employer using labels, DREEMindex to measure job satisfaction, automatic ideal job search DREEMjob and others. From technology perspective, the portal was built and is managed by Et netera. The investor of Spravnykrok.cz is Atobo.

Features, services and applications differentiating Spravnykrok.cz from existing portals: To businesses Spravnykrok.cz offers:

  • Job posting is free as is its basic search listing.
  • Businesses only pay for real applicants that express a genuine interest in the job opening, and the payment system is three-tiered: 1. An applicant clicks in search results for more information (20 CZK). 2. Based on this information, he or she contacts the advertiser and sends them his or her CV (90 CZK). 3. The applicant signs on the job (2,000 CZK).
  • More accurate job postings leading to more effective results.
  • Complete online control over the postings – advertisers can set their financial limits, pause and resume listing of their jobs.
  • Detailed online statistics and efficiency results for each job posting – advertisers can see how many people displayed their posting, how many clicked and how many submitted their CVs.
  • Human resource professionals can hold online discussions with job applicants on the portal for free.
  • The portal is suitable for job openings posting by small businesses in regions.

To applicants Spravnykrok.cz offers:

  • Ability to perform geographic job searches in a Google-inspired map.
  • Unique search engine with results ordered purely by relevancy (not by advertiser weight).
  • DREEMnet – reference and linking system similar to social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Ability to assess employer using labels.
  • DREEMindex – application to measure employee's job satisfaction.
  • DREEMjob – application enabling automatic searching for ideal job.
  • Ability to post applicant's video profile.