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Shenick selected by Iskratel to Test High Quality IPTV and Triple

[Tisková zpráva] Dublin, Ireland – January 24, 2007 – Shenick Network System’s award-winning diversifEye™,the converged IP network test system, has been selected by Iskratel, a leading supplier of IP infrastructure for delivery of high quality IPTV and Triple play VoIP, IP Video and Data applications.


Iskratel provides a complete portfolio of IP based services delivery infrastructures and services. Iskratel’s bro­adband triple play product offerings offer the highest quality end user services under a variety of scalable, operational conditions and usage scenarios. Rolling out IPTV and triple play services demand quality of experience for every customer. Iskratel requires a highly granular, realistic perspective on service and performance, right down to the triple play subscriber household level and the individual users therein. With diversifEye, Shenick provides the degree of granularity required to test overall performance limitations and quality of service (QoS), coupled with the ability to drill down to each IPTV, VoIP and internet user application such as web and P2P applications for true quality of experience (QoE) assessment. Shenick provides Iskratel with the ability to test on user, application and network basis in a single box test system helping Iskratel to provide every customer with the highest quality service.

Wolfgang Brinkmann, Central European Sales Manager for Shenick Network Systems said, “Telecom operators worldwide are already delivering IPTV and are now scaling their networks with an increasing number of subscribers with additional IP services, so it’s essential for organisations such as Iskratel to guarantee quality of their products under the most realistic conditions possible” Shenick’s diver­sifEye is an integrated test system that provides both network operators and communications equipment manufacturers with the ability to create and test the most realistic triple play/converged IP subscriber usage scenarios covering quality of service, individual subscriber experience, functional verification, high load and determining performance limitations.

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