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[Tisková zpráva] For those with a true thirst for knowledge, DISCOVERY WORLD is a brand new channel showcasing a rich and colourful selection of high quality factual programmes from around the globe. DISCOVERY WORLD promises to engage, challenge and enlighten its audience with programmes spanning an extensive range of genres. The channel launches in Central Europe on Friday 18 April 2008.


With landmark series and a selection of in-depth documentary programmes exclusive to the channel, DISCOVERY WORLD will immerse discerning viewers in a compelling mix of history, culture, real life stories, investigation and mystery.

DISCOVERY WORLD offers viewers the chance to enjoy superb factual series and documentary programmes including DISCOVERY ATLAS, the spectacular global exploration series. This series lifts the lid on some of the world’s greatest countries by uncovering their hidden treasures, delving into local customs and telling the fascinating stories of their people. Filmed in cutting-edge High Definition, DISCOVERY ATLAS is a stunning international television event to inspire viewers, satisfy their curiosities and explore the world.

Showing exclusively on DISCOVERY WORLD is the acclaimed historical series, MONARCHY. Renowned historian Dr David Starkey presents the definitive story of the British Monarchy over this remarkable series. He tells the bloody history of Britain’s Kings and Queens, charting the course of the oldest surviving political institution in Europe. Join Starkey on an epic journey through 300 years of history.

Also exclusive to the channel, WEAPONOLOGY explores the technical innovation and development of weaponry through the ages. Each power-packed episode draws together ingenious invention, lateral thinking, battlefield experience and great design leaps in military technology, tracing the ancestry of the humble catapult, to laser-guided missiles.

Fans of crime investigation can enjoy a host of real life crime and forensics series on DISCOVERY WORLD, including FBI FILES, Dr G MEDICAL EXAMINER and FORENSIC DETECTIVES. For those of an inquisitive nature, other DISCOVERY WORLD highlights include MUMMY AUTOPOSY, which mixes lively history with forensic mystery to track a team of mummy experts. Using the latest forensic techniques, they investigate and solve an array of ancient cold cases.

Lovers of biographies and real people can find an array of insightful programmes to choose from on DISCOVERY WORLD. FINAL DAYS OF AN ICON delves deep into the lives of huge stars from such varied worlds as politics, music, fashion and sport. The last days in the lives of icons including Gianni Versace, Jim Morrison and Charles De Gaulle are put under the spotlight – what did they do, who did they meet and what consequences did their deaths have?

Also on DISOCOVERY WORLD is GRIZZLY MAN, the award-winning film documenting Timothy Treadwell’s ob­session with the Grizzly Bear. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker, Wernog Herzog, GRIZZLY MAN paints a complex portrait of Treadwell, a tireless and passionate advocate for grizzly bears who died in 2003 after being mauled and eaten by one of his beloved grizzlies.