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VMware Desktop Manager 2 přináší multimediální zážitky a škálovatelnost do světa PC

[Tisková zpráva] PALO ALTO, Kalifornie, 16. června 2008 – Společnost VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW), světový lídr v oblasti virtualizačních řešení od desktopů po datová centra, oznamuje vylepšení svého softwarového produktu Virtual Desktop Manager 2. Uvedený update je určen pro podnikové zákazníky, kterým přináší nižší celkové náklady na vlastnictví a vylepšenou škálovatelnost. VMware rovněž aktuálně expanduje na další trhy, neboť svůj elitní software představuje v nově lokalizované německé a japonské verzi.


Dále tisková zpráva pokračuje v anglickém znění.

By extending the VMware virtualization platform to the desktop with VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), IT administrators can deploy desktop virtual machines and deliver a complete desktop experience that is easy to manage, fast to deploy, less costly to maintain, always-current and radically more secure. VMware Virtual Desktop Manager 2, a key component of VMware VDI, connects remote clients to centralized virtual desktops that can be accessed securely from almost anywhere and from many different hardware platforms. Using Virtual Desktop Manager, VDI administrators can manage thousands of desktops at once while greatly reducing provisioning time for new desktops. Coupled with VMware’s industry leading virtualization platform, Virtual Desktop Manager can provide customers the lowest cost of ownership by leveraging VMware Infrastructure’s pa­tented memory over-commit feature to run more desktop virtual machines per server.

ViaHealth is a family of health care providers serving the greater Rochester, New York area through facilities such as Rochester General Hospital.

“Our work environment is a constant security challenge, given the mobility of our workforce, the number of desktops that need to be managed and the mandate to be HIPAA-compliant,” stated Joseph Parks, systems engineer, ViaHealth/Rochester General Hospital. “VMware Virtual Desktop Manager gives us the ability to manage and provision our distributed virtual desktop environment while providing a high level of security and stability that our patients and staff expect from their healthcare provider. Additionally, as a company with a VMware first policy, we have been able to leverage the strength of VMware Infrastructure 3 capabilities such as business continuity to our desktop environment."

“Our customers love to run their desktops in virtual machines because they’re better protected from disaster, disruption, attack, and theft, and they are designed to be the best and safest environments in which to run applications and store user files and data. Because virtual desktops are centralized, they’re also radically easier to manage, less costly to support, and faster to provision,” said Jeff Jennings, vice president of desktop products and solutions, VMware. “Now with today’s enhan­cements in Virtual Desktop Manager 2.1, we’re giving customers innovative ways to get even more value out of their existing storage and server investments, to take the end user experience up yet another notch, and to make managing virtual machines even more efficient for administrators.”

The latest advancements in Virtual Desktop Manager 2.1 include:

  • Improved Scalability: VMware Virtual Desktop Manager 2.1 can run up to 5,000 concurrent connections per cluster of Virtual Desktop Manager servers and provides enterprises the ability to scale to tens of thousands of desktop connections through the use of multiple clusters. In addition, VMware Virtual Desktop Manager enables hundreds of desktop virtual machines to be created in a single storage pool. This enhancement gives customers unparalleled scalability to extend investments in their storage systems.
  • Enhanced End User Experience: VMware Virtual Desktop Manager 2.1 offers a new multi-media redirection feature for XP desktops. This feature redirects certain multi-media codecs to the local PC for rendering of full-motion video and audio.
  • Improved manageability: VMware Virtual Desktop Manager 2.1 features a new transaction logging capability for improved management.
  • Expanded Support for Global Organizations: Localized versions are now available in German and Japanese, to accelerate user adoption in global organizations.

HVB Information Services (HVB IS), one of the largest IT services providers in the financial services sector, uses VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Virtual Desktop Manager 2.1 to manage their desktop environments.

„VMware Virtual Desktop Manager 2.1 further advances the way our desktop IT team can streamline the management of desktops by creating a single pool than spans across multiple data stores,” Josef Eichenseer, Head of Competence Center Virtualization at HVB IS. “In addition, the multimedia improvements in this release greatly enhance the experience for our end users.“

Headquartered in Tyrol, Austria, Moser Holdings controls a variety of media properties in the print sector, radio stations and holdings in the “New Media” area.

„Moser Holdings needed to manage a rapidly growing number of clients while providing their writers with a reliable and flexible work platform that they want,” Gernot Obexer, Head of IT, Moser Holdings. “We decided to invest in VMware VDI since it continues to set the standard for ease of use, reliability, scalability and robustness for our desktop infrastructure. VDI gives our IT organization greater control over our client workstations while shortening the setup time for new desktops. This has helped reduce the costs of deploying and managing desktops.“

VMware Virtual Desktop Manager 2.1 is now available for purchase through VMware’s network of distributors, resellers and OEMs. Read what partners are saying about VMware Virtual Desktop Manager 2.1 here: www.vmware.com/com­pany/news/rele­ases/vdm2_par­tners_support­.html. For more information on VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, please visit: http://www.vmwa­re.com/produc­ts/vdi/

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