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"Umí dobře česky": What Are the Rules?

  • Dozens of digiboxes, or digital terrestrial television receivers, are readily available in the Czech Republic nowadays. However, only few are Czech user friendly. To help buyers choose among the many types, the "Umí dobře česky" ("Flawless Czech") certification trade is put on those that have all features necessary in the Czech market. What products deserve the Flawless Czech brand and what are the rules to get it?


Podmínky užití v češtině

Umí dobře česky - pečeť

Czech language is considered by DigiZone.cz readers as one of the crucial criteria in a digibox. To our question as to What digibox features are important for you?, 55 percent of the voters responded: Perfect Czech. The language equipment did considerably better than such features as the hard disk, the modulator or a viewing card slot. When we specifically asked: How important is Czech diacritic support for you?, 89 percent of the readers answered: I wouldn’t buy a digibox without full Czech support. As it often is the case with internet polls, there is no sociological basis to this information. However, the answers do provide a clue to what Czech digibox buyers might need. The „Umí dobře česky“ logo should help them choose from the wide selection available.

Clear Rules

To obtain the „Umí dobře česky“ certification trade, the product must meet four basic conditions:

  1. Clear Instructions for Use in Czech. Poor computer translation is unacceptable.
  2. Czech Menu. The digibox must be able to communicate with the user in Czech. Minor terminology flaws can be tolerated, provided that they are explained in the user manual.
  3. Czech Teletext. Teletext pages must display all Czech alphabet characters correctly.
  4. Czech Electronic Programme Guide (EPG), supporting both key diacritic coding standards. ISO 6937 and ISO 8859–2 standards are a must; for ISO 6937, it is crucial for the digibox to read both CZE and CES prefixes. Both prefixes indicate that the language of the text is Czech, and both are allowed by the relevant standard. If the device meets all ISO 6937 requirements but does not read the CES prefix, it will show wrong diacritic in the Czech Digital Group multiplex.

A DigiZone.cz review is not a necessary prerequisite for the digibox to get the Flawless Czech certification trade. An independent product test carried out by a specialized website or magazine, confirming that all criteria have been met, is sufficient. Similarly, a digibox producer or distributor certificate, supported by good user experience, will be taken into account.

What digiboxes and digital TVs are fully compatible with Czech?

For the list see term of use in Czech.

The list of fully Czech compatible products will be gradually updated to include any further digiboxes meeting the Flawless Czech requirements. Certain digiboxes display Czech characters correctly only after a driver update.

The „Umí dobře česky“ certification trade, introduced in late May 2006, has met with positive response at the Czech Ministry of Informatics. Vice-minister Pavel Kolář voiced the ministry’s opinion, saying: In our view, the implementation of this idea is a prerequisite for a successful conversion to DTV. Therefore, we are pleased to see that the private sector has followed the course set by the state in its awareness raising campaign. The graphics of the Flawless Czech label were designed by Ivana Bednářová’s ART-PGN graphics house.

To conclude, it should be noted that the label is primarily meant for classic terrestrial platform set-top boxes that will most probably play a crucial role in the digitalisation process. The Flawless Czech certification trade may lose its original purpose later on; however, this will only happen once a vast majority of all receivers sold on the Czech market (at least 70%) is Czech speaking.

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